Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply

In Situ Conservation Summary

Repository  Embrapa Amazônia Oriental
City / State Belém / Para
Collection name  Núcleo de Conservação in situ de bubalinos Baio
Total of animals registered  741
Total by taxonomy 
  Bovidae Bubalus bubalis Baio (741)
Active animals  117
Unit of DNA/Tissues  10160, of 57 animals
Descriptor Name (number of animals) 
  Adjusted 365-day weight (161)
  Birth weight (713)
  Yearling scrotal circumference (6)
  Mature weight (82)
  Age at weaning (585)
  Weaning weight (194)
  Adjusted 550-day weight (126)
  Calving interval (345)
  Scrotal circumference in 550 days (2)
  Calving order (cow) (116)
  Age at first calving (130)
  Cow Calving weight (144)