Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply

In Situ Conservation Summary

Repository  Embrapa Pantanal
City / State Corumbá / Mato Grosso do Sul
Collection name  Coleção Germoplasma in situ de Ovinos Pantaneiro
Total of animals registered  167
Total by taxonomy 
  Bovidae Ovis aries Pantaneiro (167)
Active animals  147
Unit of DNA/Tissues  75, of 32 animals
Descriptor Name (number of animals) 
  Mature scrotal circumference (7)
  Mature weight (90)
  Weaning weight (1)
  Weight at sampling (4)
  On test weight (50)
  Skin color (27)
  Presence of beard (30)
  Presence of wattles (43)
  Nasal Mucosa pigmentation (55)
  Fleece color/pattern with 24 months (67)
  Hooves color (28)
  Teat circumference (23)
  Body condition score at drought (30)
  Thoracic depth (24)
  Thoracic girth (59)
  Wither height (60)
  Croup height (60)
  Body length (60)