Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply

In Situ Conservation Summary

Repository  Embrapa Suinos e Aves
City / State Concórdia / Santa Catarina
Collection name  Núcleo de conservação in situ de aves de postura linha pura DD (White Leghorn)
Total of animals registered  3358
Total by taxonomy 
  Phasianidae Gallus gallus domesticus White Leghorn DD (3358)
Descriptor Name (number of animals) 
  Generation number (3358)
  Hen age at the first egg (3064)
  Total number of eggs up to the end of evaluation (2335)
  Hen age at the end of egg production (2279)
  Body weight at 16 weeks of age (3096)
  Body weight at 60 weeks of age (2291)
  Feather color (3358)
  Egg shell color (3358)
  Average egg weight from 18 to 27 weeks of age per layer (2524)
  Average egg weight from 28 to 40 weeks of age per layer (2188)
  Average shell specífic gravity from 28 to 40 weeks of age (653)
  Number of chicks produced by the male or female (3358)
  Age of pullet at weight before onset of production (3096)
  Age of hen when weight at maturity was taken (2291)
  Average age (22 to 26 weeks) for egg weight in the onset of egg production cycle. (2524)
  weight from 28 to 40 weeks of age (2188)
  Egg shape ratio (lenght/wide) (653)