Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply

In Situ Conservation Summary

Repository  Embrapa Recursos Genéticos e Biotecnologia
City / State Brasilia / Distrito Federal
Collection name  Coleção de Ácaros e Insetos de Referência para a Quarentena Vegetal
Total of insects or mites registered  115
Total by taxonomy 
  Phytoseiidae Amblyseius neochiapensis (12)
  Phytoseiidae Euseius citrifolius (1)
  Phytoseiidae Euseius sibelius (1)
  Phytoseiidae Neoseiulus tunus (4)
  Phytoseiidae Phytoseius guianensis (27)
  Phytoseiidae Phytoseius intermedius (43)
  Phytoseiidae Phytoseius woodburyi (15)
  Phytoseiidae Typhlodromalus aripo (12)
Unit of DNA/Tissues  115, of 115 individuals