Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply

In Situ Conservation Summary

Repository  Embrapa Pecuária Sul
City / State Bagé / Rio Grande do Sul
Collection name  Rebanho de Pesquisa de compostos ovinos prolíficos e deslanados
Total of animals registered  332
Total by taxonomy 
  Bovidae Ovis aries Composite - prolíficas deslanadas (332)
Active animals  328
Descriptor Name (number of animals) 
  Birth weight (329)
  Weaning weight (296)
  FecGE Mutation Genotype (GDF9 gene) (328)
  FecGB Mutation Genotype (BMP1R) (328)
  FecGV Mutation Genotype (GDF9) (328)
  (G+6723G-A) Myostatin Mutation Genotype (GDF8) (53)
  Wool shedding (224)