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Collection Overview
 General Overview (Drilldown)
 Compare Taxonomies
 Compare Collection to Industry
 List Animals by Species
Tools for Decision Support
 Animal Request Decision Tool
 Compare Animals
 Coefficient of Relationship
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The links on the left provide information about the collection and how to donate or request collection material. The following briefly describes the links on the left:

Collection Overview
General Overview (Drilldown): Uses a drilldown format that allows you to see the collection by species, breed, line, and individual. You can also specify tissue type (blood, semen or embryos);
Individuals : Skips the drilldown format if you want to search for a specific animal, but you will need the Repository ID or an association registration number;
Trends : Provides a look at how the entire collection has changed over time, or by species;
Protocols : Describes collection and cryopreservation procedures;
Compare Taxonomies : Allows the user to compare two taxonomies within the repository;
Compare Collection to Industry : Allows the user to compare a taxonomy in the repository to the same taxonomy in the industry to see how well the repository reflects the population;
List Animals by Species : Allows the user to generate a list by species of all animals in the repository;
Tools for Decision Support
  src= Animal Request Decision Tool : Allows the user to search for animals that meet their criteria in order to make a germplasm request;
Compare Animals : Allows the user to compare two or more animals;
Pedigree Pedigree : Surf the pedigree of an animal in the repository;
Coefficient of Relationship : Look at relationships between animals in the repository;
Germplasm Donation : Provides an overview of how germplasm can be donated to the program;
Germplasm Request : Describes the process for requesting collection material and provides an online form to make requests. It is a collection meant to be used by livestock producers, breeders in the public and private sector, and by researchers performing DNA research!
Contact : For questions about the Mexican Animal Germplasm program please contact Dr. José Fernando De La Torre Sánchez by email